I offer a wide range of supplemental insurance plans that can provide an affordable layer of financial protection.


Supplemental Insurance


Dental Plans

Make sure you keep smiling! Affordable dental plans are available, and some policies provide coverage for orthodontics, teeth whitening, and dental implants. I also offer dental discount plans that sometimes are more suitable than insurance.

Vision Plans

See what you鈥檝e been missing! I can review vision plan options from multiple insurance companies to help meet your needs.

Accident Plans

You don鈥檛 plan accidents, but you can plan for them. A supplemental accident plan typically pays a lump-sum cash benefit directly to you for injuries to help cover expenses you may have during your recovery.

Critical Illness and Cancer

Focus on recovery instead of finances. These plans generally provide a lump-sum cash benefit directly to you for a first diagnosis of a major illness such as advanced Alzheimer鈥檚 disease, a heart attack, or life-threatening cancer.


Hospital Confinement Plans

If you鈥檙e suddenly admitted to a hospital, could you afford an extended stay? A supplemental hospital confinement plan typically pays a daily cash benefit directly to you for hospital confinement related to an accident or illness.

Disability Plans

An injury or illness that prevents you from working has the potential to turn into a financial hardship. Disability insurance plans generally pay a monthly cash benefit to you when you鈥檙e unable to work.

Long-Term Care Plans

Costs for assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and even at-home care are rising. Protect your finances and peace of mind with a long-term care policy that can protect you and your family鈥檚 future.

Fixed Indemnity Plans

Your health insurance may not be enough. Deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs can add up. Fixed indemnity supplemental insurance provides cash benefits to help cover the expenses of common medical services, such as ER visits, x-rays, and hospital stays.


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