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鈥淚 highly recommend Chibu. He was patient and diligent. He took the time to explore and explain different options to us, and helped us decide what's best for us. He was very responsive to our questions, no matter how small. Thank you, Chibu!鈥

鈥 Wei Romualdo

鈥淕roup health benefits can be complex and confusing. Business owners are not always sure they are getting the best quality for their staff at the best price. Chibu Chikere takes the time to know your business and your needs and will present you with options you can understand. Reach out for a review of your coverage and see what changes may be available for your team.鈥

鈥 Gail Kraft

鈥淐hibu was friendly from the start of our conversation and displayed a professional and knowledgeable attitude in helping me navigate my insurance needs and possibilities. The process required a number of back-and-forths over several days, during which he was responsive and easy to get a hold of. Overall, his services made a perceived scary and complex process quite straightforward in the end.鈥

鈥 David Vader

鈥淭he minute I saw Mr. Chikere I knew he was a good person at heart, once I heard his voice, I was sold. I believe he really cares about helping others with something that I personally find very overwhelming and difficult, especially with so many options.鈥

鈥 Neal Ten Eyck

鈥淪omehow I found Chibu, and thank god. He has made the whole process painless. He was always on call for any questions I had and before I knew it he was laying out all the options in front of me. All I had to do was choose, and he guided me through the entire process.鈥

鈥 Ken Sheehan


鈥淚nvest in yourself. You can afford it. Trust me.鈥

鈥 Rashon Carraway